As It Stands- FA People’s Cup


Gianni Infantino became the new president of FIFA this week.

# UP/DOWN The Culprit As It Stands
10 The Sun And the Oscar for worst front page of the year goes to…you guessed it…The Sun. The “Paedo in his Speedos” headline the day after the verdict was delivered in the Adam Johnson sex abuse trial has already drawn scathing criticism from all quarters.
9 the ‘Big Five’ In a season where the ‘big’ clubs have bemoaned the amount of fixtures they have to face compared to shock-title-contenders Leicester, you have to question their motive behind the proposed ICC ‘Big Five’ tournament over the summer months.
8 Galatasaray Banned from participating in European football for a a year after breaching financial fair play regulations. This to be honest is not entirely unexpected after a season where Turkish league rules on foreign players have been relaxed allowing more investment. But the real question is how are clubs like PSG, Chelsea and Manchester City getting away with a slap on the wrist while Gala get punished?
7 Paok Fans It’s all Greek to me. Over and over again, there is Greek crowd trouble. Whether its at home or in Europe. It seems no punishment deters those bringing the game into disrepute. Perhaps something more drastic is needed- a season of games played behind closed doors perhaps? It ,may be harsh, but it would ensure it never happens again.
6 Arsenal Yet again Arsenal are falling away as the pressure increases towards the end of the season. Yet again Arsene Wenger blames referees and injuries for their post-Christmas dip in form. Jack Whitehall’s opinion of Robin van Persie is humourous, but at this rate RVP is looking like the clever one after leaving the Gunners to win titles elsewhere.
5 Women’s Football Eight months on from the hugely successful Women’s World Cup, the SheBelieves Cup provides the sport with the opportunity to take another step forward. England are not competing in the Summer Olympics in Rio so will look to Mark Sampson-Women’s World Coach of the Year- to give them a plan for success.
4 FIFA (maybe) Gianni Infantino is the new President of FIFA, and says he is looking to push through major reforms- some of which have already been implemented. The Legends match (in which he also played) was a slick bit of PR. But we have our reservations about a man who grew up a stones throw from Sepp Blatter and was  one of Michel Platini’s closest allies…
3 Sport Relief- 5-a-side Watching former footballers pull their boots back on is a real treat. Seeing Robbie Savage get nutmegged by someone half his age is even better. The memories that are conjured up as Alan Shearer performs his trademark celebration after scoring a goal, brilliant. But the best thing is that it’s all in a good cause. Sport Relief seems to be getting bigger and better every year and AIS applauds them for their good work.
2 Liverpool After capitulating against Manchester City in the League Cup Final penalty shootout at Wembley, Liverpool were able to regain some pride by beating the Citizens 3-0 on Wednesday night. it was particularly memorable for Jon Flanagan’s full blooded tackle on former red Raheem Sterling.
1 FA People’s Cup This is real all-inclusive football. no racism, sexism, or prejudice of any kind. Men against women, amputees against the able bodied. A fantastic initiative from the FA to open football up to everyone and anyone- football as it should be.

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